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Daniel attacked by fans235 viewsDaniel singing Respect on stage as Alex and Birkmire attack him in fandom1 comments
Darnell and Brett laughing110 viewsMr. Darnell and Brett laughing during a fire drill after playing "koala"
Darnell and Marsh sleeping1576 viewsNathan thought that there was no way to sleep on this bus, but I knew for sure that Mr. Darnell would die out1 comments
Darnell and Michaela scraping93 viewsMr. Darnell and Michaela working at Coalition for the Homeless
Darnell and Tristan204 viewsMr. Darnell brought his son to school today on Halloween dressed up as a pirate
Darnell loves innards130 viewsMr. Darnell about to lick the cornish hen innards
Cornish hen preparation299 viewsMr. Darnell showing the class how to dry out a cornish hen to prepare it for mummification
Darnell hen bag157 viewsWe went to check on the cornish hens after a month or two...
Darnell hen bag 2240 views...and they ended up having insane amounts of water still left in them after the drying process!
Strength contest107 viewsMr. Darnell ignoring Victoria's assertion that she is stronger than Katie
Darnell koalaing614 viewsBrett being koalaed by Mr. Darnell during a fire drill; so much for being in a straight line1 comments
Darnell cornish hen143 viewsMr. Darnell holding one of our dried out cornish hens
Dave and Sam rollers246 viewsDave and Sam about to paint at Coalition for the Homeless; this reminds me of the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood
It's raining...97 viewsDave and Victoria trying to stay dry during a rain storm after school
Dave swings94 viewsBrett was painting alone when Dave jumped from nowhere with a scraper at Coalition for the Homeless
Braden and David grass119 viewsWe were chilling outside of the lunch hall talking around a circle, Braden and David picked up grass like hicks and chewed them
David and Nikki mustang196 viewsDavid and Nikki driving by in their mustang during the homecoming ceremony
Scavengers68 viewsDavid and Nikki tired after the scavenger hunt
David chef hat233 viewsDavid borrowed the chef's hat for his senior picture
[Panorama] Deck 12 Sunset87 viewsA huge image that had to be scaled way down, click the medium picture to see the fullsize ready to be scrolled horizontally in your browser
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