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Rest stop101 viewsAdrian taking a quick video of our first rest stop on the way to Miami; Darnell, Marsh, and Nathan are arguing about snacks in the background
Sleeping204 viewsBrittany holding me in her lap as I try to sleep... woke up for the picture though
Photographer Stevie80 viewsStevie showing Nathan some of his shots from the morning after we had gotten off the bus
Bruce the packmule78 viewsBruce holding a bunch of stuff on his back and shoulders waiting in line to get checked in
Ick, no way86 viewsAdrian scowls at his old passport photo from eighth grade
Don't look down111 viewsA shot from one of the top floors downward
Stevie at lunch213 viewsStevie makes a quick call to his parents before the boat's towers turn on and the charges get jacked up
Brittany and Bruce checkpoint219 viewsBrittany and her dad pose for a picture on the 6th floor of the ship
Safety!84 viewsMe all suckeded into the flotation device
Windy Deck 1214263 viewsBrittany, Daniel, and myself on the top deck at night running around and being crazy
The start of dinner153 viewsOur table at the start of the second night's dinner talking about Narwhales and escape boats
Freedomice.com80 viewsThe bird lady doing her routine during the ice skating show
CruiseDay2_Feb11-08_30.jpg 276 viewsA shot from the martial arts part of the ice skating show
CruiseDay2_Feb11-08_31.jpg 374 viewsAnother shot from the martial arts part of the ice skating show
CruiseDay2_Feb11-08_45.jpg 476 viewsThe final few seconds of the martial arts portion of the ice skating show
Pirates treasure76 viewsA shot from the pirates portion of the ice skating show
Pirate jump76 viewsAnother shot from the pirates portion of the ice skating show
Pirate threeleg77 viewsA shot of the threelegged pirate from the pirates portion of the ice skating show
Swing, swing78 viewsTwo of the male skaters spinning two of the female skaters in sync
Biolumenescent kayaking432 viewsEmily yelling at Braden for getting stuck in the mangroves and at me for making fun of them; she ends the video by saying "I hate my life"
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