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Braden go left!378 viewsEmily was yelling at Braden a lot for a few seconds as he ran into our kayak, he then ended up running into another couple kayaks; we were stuck in a three or four person pile-up trying not to hit eachother
Busride to the bay109 viewsA snapshot of the conversations and thoughts going on during our couple hour busride to the Biolumenescent bay
Vacations are for smiling time114 viewsOne of the ladies guiding the guests off of the boat thought that everybody was getting too frustrated and annoyed and so coined this brilliant phrase
Tommy's Place resturant432 viewsI took this video after we arrived late at the Biolumenescet bay dieing for a bathroom
Our messy room79 viewsBruce, Nathan, Stevie, and my messy room after only three days
Watching the flowriders101 viewsAlex, Victoria, Sean, and Katie watching the flowriders
Flowhugger98 viewsBrittany and I waiting for our turn to try out the flowrider
Brittany flowriding197 viewsBrittany trying out the flowrider for the first (and last) time
Brittany flowriding 273 viewsBrittany a few seconds before her wipeout on the flowrider
Michael flowriding74 viewsJumping out from behind the camera to try out the flowrider for myself
Penguin Brittany74 viewsAt least, that's what I THINK she was going for?
Adrian on fire74 viewsI love this shot of Adrian sitting in the library thinking and listening before our leave to Puerto Rico
Mad hatters100 viewsI turned around from taking the previous Adrian shot with my 50 prime lens to see Nathan and Marsh impromptu posing with some hats on
Jeff and Michaela waiting79 viewsJeff and Michaela in the library a few minutes before our leave to Puerto Rico
Finding our seats399 viewsWe were the last group back on the barge from our beach/snorkeling excursion and so struggled to find seating
Driving through town248 viewsA quick show of our drive through the shopping area of St. Thomas
Snorkeling229 viewsA video of what I was seeing underwater and a little of above while snorkeling at St. Thomas
Fruit animal201 viewsA monkey fruit animal that adorned our midnight feast
Bird animal194 viewsA bird fruit animal that adorned our midnight feast
Chris and his friend89 viewsChris and a friend of his that he met on the boat in the hot tub
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