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Last additions - Junior Year
The quarter116 viewsIn Mrs. Hinds class I took a really close-up picture of a quarter, and right afterwards Adrian slammed his head next to it-- he hadn't slept much the night beforeNov 26, 2006
Adrian in the rain127 viewsNov 26, 2006
Penned lips127 viewsAdrian got ink drawn all over his lips while he was chewing a pen the wrong wayNov 26, 2006
Adrian squirted141 viewsAdrian getting squirted with the water bottle trick by Oscar after schoolNov 26, 2006
All knowing Eye155 viewsAdrian with the all-knowing-eye on his hand... he's watchingNov 26, 2006
Adrian sleeping after bell154 viewsThe bell rang and everyone walked out, except Adrain; we almost left him there tooNov 26, 2006
Adrian Edd295 viewsAdrian running around the lunchroom like Edd from Ed, Edd, and EddieNov 26, 2006
After school guys254 viewsAdrian, Daniel, and Pinks after school in a random shot1 commentsNov 26, 2006
Adrian cheese163 viewsAdrian points to some cheese on the trashcan while listening to musicNov 26, 2006
Arian attacked178 viewsOn character day, Adrian got mauled in the lunch room by commando Marsh, cool-guy David, Mario James, and chain-dude Nathan; Daniel hopped into the back of this oneNov 26, 2006
Cabinet Adrian400 viewsDuring our time in Princeton Review, Adrian hid himself in Mrs. More's cabinet... why?1 commentsNov 26, 2006
Adrian nailed170 viewsOscar slamming his fist into Adrian's chest after schoolNov 26, 2006
Adrian and Daniel gone wild396 viewsAdrian and Daniel on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week1 commentsNov 26, 2006
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