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Last additions - Freshmen Year
Woh, Hello112 viewsRachel Smith lead worship during one of our chapel services, when she finished and bent down to put away her guitar, Pastor Charlie turned around with a mike in hand and exclained "Woh, Hello" spawning laughter from my friends and I for months to come. Experience the fun once more as, yes, we caught him on tape.Dec 03, 2006
Biology gloves989 viewsOne of the later recordings during my freshmen year in Mr. Herzig's biology class, Nathan is in the military, and yes, Brittany, we know you dont like gloves. Code: Jackass.Dec 03, 2006
An uneventful chapel261 viewsMy friend and I decided to take a rather long recording during chapel, Justin and Nathan basically talk the entire time, but thats what keeps you interested.Dec 03, 2006
Mr. Hackett singing104 viewsI caught Mr. Hackett singing Coldplay while Nathan eats some nasty lollypops; I believe my elation was over backup copying success.Dec 03, 2006
Justin singing during chapel111 viewsDuring our freshmen year, they basically played the "Romans 16:19 says" song all the time. Justin is notorious for killing every single song he sings.Dec 03, 2006
BTard's a retard264 viewsThis was the very first voice recording we took during Mr. Herzig's class, Brittany, Adrian, and I can be heard in this one. Alehandro was moving a TV out of the room.Dec 03, 2006
Xenophant109 viewsMr. Hackett brought in this cinderblock from somewhere, Mac and Nathan decided to color a face onto it and call it XenophantNov 26, 2006
Tim Wolfe103 viewsTim Wolfe, Michaela's uncle, the makeup masterNov 26, 2006
Evil Yarborough114 viewsMrs. Yarborough after having her makeup done (eyebrows by Stevie)Nov 26, 2006
Whitney worked on136 viewsWhitney having her fairie makeup applied by Tim WolfeNov 26, 2006
Lunch table110 viewsOur table at the mall aftefr Shakespere Festival, yuummNov 26, 2006
Where's the HackettCam?108 viewsHmm, so can anyone hasten a guess as to where my webcam is secretly set up?Nov 26, 2006
The Hand of God464 viewsI took this of Mr. Hackett's clock (which is now in my rooom); I thought nothing of it, but he said it looked like the hand of God
Nov 26, 2006
The Crew 2005 2103 viewsNov 26, 2006
The halls131 viewsI took this video on my way to next period, I messed with the usual people hahaNov 26, 2006
The Crew 2005134 viewsI had to coax them all into Hackett's room, but it was worth it; this is a picture of me and most of my closest friends on one of the last days of schoolNov 26, 2006
Stevie and mom lunchroom108 viewsMessing around in the lunchroom with Stevie and my momNov 26, 2006
Stevie on the prowl108 viewsStevie after being made up by Tim WolfeNov 26, 2006
Stevie and Mom Lunchroom236 viewsStevie has only recently started to allow pictures of himself since this photo was takenNov 26, 2006
Swoft hair113 viewsJulie Clark has soft (swofft) hair, Stevie loves to touch itNov 26, 2006
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