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Tiger yawn259 viewsA photo my sister took of Tiger, mid yawn, that looks like she scared himNov 26, 2006
Stevie tired231 viewsStevie tiredly looking at the camera during one of our English projectsNov 26, 2006
Stevie football214 viewsStevie tiredly looking at the camera holding up the football Missy gave me at the game during one of our English projectsNov 26, 2006
Jayce hulk244 viewsJayce rips the small hole he found in his shirt Hulk style, and we present the dirt ball created solely to throw at horsesNov 26, 2006
Root chopping368 viewsMy dad chopping the root of one of the front yard trees with debree flying all over Jayce and INov 26, 2006
Oreo chair239 viewsOreo lounging in the living room chairNov 26, 2006
Noah Rock On239 viewsNoah giving the rock on sign during our street's fireworksNov 26, 2006
Nip held354 viewsMy gerbil NipNov 26, 2006
Mom Christmas235 viewsMy mom getting presents together for ChristmasNov 26, 2006
Mom raking4973 viewsMy mom raking the dead grass that would soon be replaced by new sodNov 26, 2006
Muddy Michelle1668 viewsMichelle splashed with dirt from all of the root chopping chaosNov 26, 2006
Michael and Jayce rawr321 viewsMichael rawring next to a zoned-out looking Jayce during my family's resoddingNov 26, 2006
Jayce goggles388 viewsJayce wearing safety goggles before the root chopping beganNov 26, 2006
Jayce modeling521 viewsAfter hulk ripping his shirt, Jayce decided to show off his absNov 26, 2006
Michelle attacked725 viewsMichelle getting axed by Jayce during our family's resoddingNov 26, 2006
BOOM HEADSHOT372 viewsJayce up close shooting a rocket launcher Nov 26, 2006
Axe Attacker440 viewsJayce chopping up the roots of one of our trees looking like he's in a horror filmNov 26, 2006
Carmel and Nip5820 viewsCarmel and Nip, my two gerbils, in their cage.Nov 26, 2006
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