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Most viewed - Junior Year
Chris' turtled backpack6656 viewsChris got his backpack turtled in Mrs. Boyd's history class when he wasn't looking, it was a huge phenomenon even garnering it's own day
Bug eyes4704 viewsAdrian and Caitlin on Cinco De Mayo- eyes in the shade
The Fonz and Brittany2464 viewsBrittany was sad before english class, luckily the Fonz was there to cheer her up!
Blake blood pressure2245 viewsBlake getting his blood pressure checked during Anatomy; yay circulatory system!
Christa hug attacked1982 viewsJustin hug attacking Christa during yearbook
The chest attraction1546 viewsBrittany got a drumstick slammed into her chest during lunchtime, much to her embarrasement
Face slam1258 viewsI got tackled into the water
Brett plays1079 viewsBrett and Josh on the playground during our break time
Braden wild772 viewsBraden on Wild and Crazy day during spirit week hiding from the camera
Smashing!746 viewsDaniel and Niko destroyed this poor Toyota at the yearbook seminar
Justin in the bookcase725 viewsMrs. Hinds gave us a stretch break during Geometry, Justin spent it cooped up in the bookshelf1 comments
Dave in a skirt691 viewsDave dressed up in a skirt from his homeland
Sweaty boys at homecoming625 viewsPinks, Andrew, and James being really energetic at the homecoming dance4 comments
Nikki is sad623 viewsand Braden is happy? What an odd prom!
Where are the women?604 viewsThis wierd sign was at the hotel that we stayed at for Taylor on Tour, apparently there is a special room for women there but we couldnt find it1 comments
Adrians sign591 viewsAdrian had the best showmanship of anyone that entire day
Leah sleeping589 viewsLeah fell asleep behind the computer racks during yearbook class-- finally after awhile Mrs. Castaldi asked "where did Leah go?" Geran ratted her out1 comments
Adrian's angry eyes572 views
We're too sexy454 viewsAt the kareoke party after the homecoming game, my friends and I went up to do "I'm to sexy"; I ended up throwing a little clothing while singing and Mr. Herzig was pretty angry about it!1 comments
Stevie sitting on Brittany428 viewsStevie helping Brittany out during yearbook2 comments
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