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Most viewed - Freshmen Year
Wasting away4301 viewsExaustion and hunger overtake our Latin class, as the majority of us waste away
Marriage!2277 viewsWhat marriage would look like for Adrian and Brittany
Hackett's infraction2250 views"Your mom" wrote up Mr. Hackett for "having a crapy car" and other assorted problems
Downtown Orlando1119 viewsI took this shot to show off the Downtown Orlando scenery; Mr. Fair messed with me about it for a different reason
Mountain Dew man1087 viewsAdrian drinking it up during lunch
We're all gonna die!1046 viewsWell, what do you expect, a normal Latin video? Hah! More like, a DOOMSDAY Latin video!
Grannie Aubrey1015 viewsAubrey after her makeup job by Tim Wolf
Biology gloves989 viewsOne of the later recordings during my freshmen year in Mr. Herzig's biology class, Nathan is in the military, and yes, Brittany, we know you dont like gloves. Code: Jackass.
Locked out954 viewsSometimes Mr. Hackett just needed his space... away from Nathan
Spyberg931 viewsI was reaaaaly bored, so I took to sneaking around the gym like some.. spy
My Personal Fitness class892 viewsHaha girls everywhere! Rachel playing with her hair, Katie in my jacket, Ally hiding from the camera...
Dead Destiny844 viewsDestiny after makeup... after being murdered
The man hug793 viewsAdrian, under Nathan's will, hugged defenseless me from behind during Biology
6th grader chase615 viewsWe dont like 6th graders... in actuality, we run them off quite violently
The Hand of God464 viewsI took this of Mr. Hackett's clock (which is now in my rooom); I thought nothing of it, but he said it looked like the hand of God
Math battle425 viewsAlehandro beats me up during Algebra 1
Last Biology video425 viewsShowing off the class as usual, Robby's over there pimping it up with Melissa
Nathan ball throw422 viewsNathan about to peg me in the lunchroom after school
Skullaela410 viewsMichaela after having her makeup done by her uncle, Tim Wolfe
The Sexy Camisol386 viewsDaniel standing next to his sexy model at the mall after the play2 comments
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